How do I access the Social details required?

If your Site has Social Log In available, then you may share Authentication and Access information for your customer’s profiles. If you do not currently have access to a Social Network API, please see,, for more information on what’s involved. Should you not wish to include Social details then simply exclude the Social Accounts section from your Trustev Case

When getting a Social Access Token from Facebook, you can ask for certain permissions to be attached to these tokens. These permissions specify which parts of the user’s account you can gather information on. In order for Trustev to make a Trustev Decision on a Facebook Account, we need the following permissions on the Access Token’s you supply to us: 

  • email
  • read_stream
  • user_about_me
  • user_videos
  • user_birthday
  • user_status
  • user_relationships
  • user_photos

When adding a Trustev Case to our API, there is the option to include Social details. You must forward to us: 

  • The Social Id of the customer and the Social Type (Facebook/Twitter…)
  • The Short Term and Long Term Access Tokens
  • The Expiry Dates of both the Short Term and Long Term Access Tokens
  • Your Social Network Account Secret which is attached to your Social Network Developer’s Account. 

Please see the Social Account section that may be included in the Customer object of a Trustev Case.

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