What is a Trustev Confidence Score?

A Trustev Confidence Score represents our confidence on a Trustev Decision based on the level of details supplied within a Trustev Case. The Trustev Confidence Score is out of 100. 100 being all information was supplied and validated and 0 indicating that no information was contained within the Trustev Case. 

For example, in scenarios where we don’t receive an email address, we are unable to verify if it exists, is valid or even if it’s disposable. This will negatively impact the Trustev Confidence Score, however we will still validate and verify other aspects of the Trustev Case that were given. 

We would advise, that when a Trustev Decision is returned, that both the Trustev Decision and the Trustev Confidence Score are considered. During Integration, we would advise setting a Trustev Confidence Threshold of 40. This Trustev Confidence Threshold is subject to review and our Fraud Team may recommend lowering or raising this level as per the data that is received.

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