Why send Statuses?

One of the most important sections of Integrating to Trustev is to ensure that accurate Trustev Case Statuses are sent to us. Status updates allow our system to learn from the previous decisions to further enhance the score accuracy. 

Our system learns off the decision you made regarding a Trustev Case, so these statuses must be accurate and kept up to date. We would not consider an Integration ready for a Live environment until a system is in a place to update these statuses. 

Please Note you can only update the status of a case a maximum of 30 times.

When you initially create a Trustev Case through our ‘Add a Case’ method, you may include an initial status here, like ‘Placed’, which is an OrderStatus of 8. Once you have received a Trustev Decision on the Trustev Case through our Step 8: Get a Trustev Decision method, you must now make a call to Add a Status to this, so that you can update us on what happened. For example, was this Trustev Case rejected due to card authentication issue?, was this Trustev Case completed as expected?, did this Trustev Case receive a Fail decision from Trustev and you are now rejecting it? These scenarios, and more, need to be forwarded to us. 

Status  Reason Description
0 Completed Order Completed
1 RejectedFraud Order Rejected due to Fraud
2 RejectedAuthFailure   Order Rejected due to Card Authentication Failure
3 RejectedSuspicious Order Rejected due to suspected Fraud
4 Cancelled Order Cancelled
5 ChargebackFraud Return of funds to customer due to Fraud
6 ChargebackOther Return of funds to customer for other reasons
7 Refunded Customer refunded
8 Placed Order has been placed on system
9 OnHoldReview Order is under review, no decision made yet.

Please note: If & when a Chargeback is received on a Trustev Case, a Status must be forwarded to Trustev to reflect that this has occurred. Due to this fact, we require that Merchants have in place a system to facilitate the forwarding of Chargeback statuses through our API using Order Status 5 or 6. For any questions regarding Statuses please contact support@trustev.com

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