Test API Keys VS Live API Keys

Thee Test API Keys will be used throughout your Integration process, in order to add our Trustev.js to your Site pages and to communicate with our API. 

Your Test API Keys and Live API Keys include the following: 

  • UserName
  • Password
  • Shared Secret
  • Public Key

Test API Keys and Live API Keys work in almost the same way. Test API Keys are used before moving Trustev into a Live environment. Test API Keys allow you to communicate with our API, and our API will handle the data just like Live API Keys. The main difference is that while using Test API Keys, the Trustev Decision is based off the Case Number, whereas Live API Keys will work off each data point, process the data received and return a Trustev Decision. 

Our Testing Guide allows developers to simulate expected outcomes by adding the words “pass”, “flag” or “fail” to the Case Number that is supplied in Step 5: Adding a Case. You will be returned the corresponding result when you make a call in Step 6: Get A Trustev Decision. Please note, that it is case sensitive, so you must ensure that these are lower case. If you do not wish to use this option, then the Trustev Decision returned will be randomly generated. 

Once you have completed all the steps involved in Integrating, and our Integration Team have confirmed that all the data is being gathered correctly, then you will be advised to swap to Live API Keys. Our Integration Team will activate these Live API Keys for you, and once activated, they will be sent out to you via the email you provided. 

When swapping in your Live API Keys, please ensure that the following changes are made to your developer code: 

  • Your Test Public Key is replaced in the Trustev.js code on all pages to your Live Public Key.
  • Your API Key information, that is required in Step 4: Get A Token, are all updated to reflect your Live API Key information. This includes Merchants UserName, Site Password, and Site Shared Secret.
  • Where Authentication is required in an API call, which is every API call except the Get Token request, that your header includes both the returned API Token with your Merchants Site UserName amended. Please ensure that the Test Site UserName is also updated to your Live Site UserName for each API call.
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