API Keys: Explained

To communicate with Trustev, you will need a set of API Keys. The first step is to Sign-Up for a Trustev Account. Please see our Sign-up FAQ for more information. Once you have completed this, and have added your Site to the Digital Verification Console, you will have access to your Test API Keys.

These are available by selecting:

Sites tab ⇨ View API Keys ⇨ Test Credentials

In here you should see the following:

  • UserName: This is your Site UserName. This UserName is used to get an API Token and also needed where Authentication is required.
  • Password: This is your Site Password. This is used during Step 6: Get a Token API request
  • Shared Secret: This is your Site Shared Secret. This is used during the ‘Get a Token’ API request
  • Public Key: This is needed when you integrate our Trustev.js to your website.
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