What is a Trustev Score?

A Trustev Score is generated based on the information supplied within a Trustev Case and will return a Score ranging from zero to possibly thousands depending on the number of fraudulent features. The Trustev Score will determine the Trustev Decision. In the example below a Score between 0-225 will result in a Pass Decision (1), 225 -299 Flag (2), and 300 and above Fail (3). Please note, that these thresholds will vary depending on your configuration, but our Fraud Team will work with you to outline these.

Developers do not need to extract the Trustev Score from the response message in Step 8: Get a Trustev Decision, as the Trustev Decision response will highlight the outcome. The Trustev Score element is included as it can be helpful during manual review, using the TransUnion Digital Verification Console, as it will indicate where on the scale it lay in terms of Pass/Flag/Fail.


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