Going Live: Explained

Once you have completed our Integration process, and our Integration Team have confirmed that all the data is being received correctly, then you will be entering the Pilot Phase. 

The Pilot Phase involves: 

  • Swapping out the Test API Keys you used during implementing the system, to your Live API Keys. Please see Test API Keys VS Live API Keys for more information.
  • Moving your Integration to a Live environment so that we can begin to process Live customer data.
  • Our Fraud Team takes over from the Integration Team, and calibrates our system to yours, to ensure that all results received are accurate and that all potential data is being analysed. 

Once all these steps have been completed, and our Fraud Team are happy with the results that are being returned, you have completed the Integration to Trustev. 

Please note: our Fraud Team will require 1 to 2 weeks of data while calibrating our system to yours. This length will vary as it depends on the volume of data that is received from your Site. We advise, that during this time, you do not base your decisions solely off the Trustev Decision returned. Although in most cases the Trustev Decisions returned will be accurate, every Merchant will have a different Fraud problem which our Fraud Team has to gather details on and ensure that going forward our system is fitted exactly to suit yours. Our Fraud Team are available at fraud@trustev.com if you have any further queries.

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