Explained: GET Token Response Message

Sample GET Token Response Message:

  "ExpireAt": "2014-12-19T16:05:19.001Z",
  "APIToken": "dcfdcbba-a15e-4a5f-9388-d2db642b314f",
  "CredentialType": 1
  • The ExpireAt field indicates in UTC when the API Token will expire. This can be used as a check to indicate when the Token will expire and avoid receiving errors from our API.
  • The APIToken should be extracted and placed in the header along with your UserName for all subsequent API calls.
  • The CredentialType field is not needed, and only indicates whether you are using Test or Live API Keys.

Please note:

You can use an API Token for multiple orders/requests, while it is valid. Some developers have implemented Trustev by setting a timer to request a Token every 30 minutes. This is an option if convenient for your Site set up and will reduce calls to the Trustev API.


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