Explained: GET Decision Response Message

Sample GET Decision Response:

    "Id": "656b662a-3e15-4c09-8643-c0a7628d6ae3",
    "Version": 1,
    "SessionId": "efc54b16-17ed-4f57-9a78-6707c2109a23",
    "Timestamp": "2014-12-19T15:17:20.422Z",
    "Type": 0,
    "Result": 3,
    "Score": 475,
    "Confidence": 54,
    "Comment": "C# Decision"
  • Id: This is generated by the Trustev API. You do not need to extract or store this Id.
  • Version: This is an internal number - it is used for the configuration details for the Merchant. Again, there is no need to extract/store this field as it is only used for internal reporting.
  • SessionId: the SessionId of the Case.
  • Timestamp: the current Timestamp in UTC.
  • Type: indicates whether you are using Test API Keys (0) or Live API Keys (1). No need to extract/store this information as it is used only for internal reporting.
  • Result: indicates whether our decision is to Pass (1), Flag (2) or Fail (3) this order. This should be extracted and used within your code.
  • Score: This value will vary from Merchant to Merchant and from order to order, and is based on configuration details, the data points provided, and a number of other details. You do not need to extract or consider this field.
  • Confidence: This indicates our percentage confidence on the final decision. It indicates how many of the important decisioning aspects were considered. You should consider both the Result field and Confidence field in parallel when deciding what to do with the order. Our Fraud Team will work with you during your Pilot Phase to advise you of your thresholds.
  • Comment: This is for internal reports - there is no need to extract or store this.
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