How do I update/change the Case information OR add new information to the Case?

Example: you have added a Trustev Case successfully, it only includes Customer information. As your customer moves through your Site, they enter say, what they would like to purchase. In this scenario, you should POST to the Transaction endpoint: api/v2.0/case/{caseId}/transaction.

          Therefore, any time you wish to Add extra information to the Case then you should use the POST method with the relevant endpoint.

Use a POST with the following endpoints (and replacing the {caseId} value), to add:

Should you wish to change the data previously added in a Case, you can use a PUT on the relevant endpoints. A PUT will overwrite the previous data that was entered, so you will need all the information from before, along with your changes.

Example: you have added a Trustev Case successfully with Customer details, such as First Name, Last Name, and Email information. Customer realises that they gave an incorrect Email Address and you wish to update the Case now. You will need to use a PUT on the endpoint, api/v2.0/case/{caseId}/customer, and provide the First Name & Last Name again, along with the new email address, replacing the {caseId} parameter with your Case Id.

Therefore, any time you wish to change/update the Case information with new details you should use the PUT method with the following endpoints, replacing the {caseId} with the Case Id, and replacing the {id} parameter with the relevant Id returned for that object:

*There is no PUT method available for a Status, as it is a collection of Statuses. Simply POST a new Status anytime there are changes to the status of the order.

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