What are the Statuses and when should I use each one?

Please see below some sample scenarios outlining when to use each Status. Should you feel your Site has a different setup and are unsure what Status matches where, please contact integrate@trustev.com and we can advise.


  • (0)Completed - Merchant is happy that the order can be completed & no fraudulent behaviour noted.
  • (1)RejectedFraud - Merchant has seen this customer before and is certain that it is Fraud OR due to the Trustev Decision returned, the Merchant rejects the customer due to Fraud.
  • (2)RejectedAuthFailure - Order is rejected due to Card Authentication issues or insufficient funds.
  • (3)RejectedSuspicious - Merchant is suspicious of the customer and feels it may be potentially fraudulent. Merchant does not want to mark it as definite fraud, but is rejecting the order for the moment.
  • (4)Cancelled - Order is added, however customer decides that they do not wish to proceed, and wants the order cancelled.
  • (5)ChargebackFraud - Merchant has been issued with a Chargeback notice due to Fraud.
  • (6)ChargebackOther - Merchant has been issued with a Chargeback notice due to goods not being delivered or being charged twice on their account for the same item.
  • (7)Refunded - Merchant refunds a customer due to an issue that is not fraud related.
  • (8)Placed - Customer has created an order but it is still in progress -- Please note, that all orders added to the Trustev API will be automatically set to a status of Placed initially.
  • (9)OnHoldReview - Order is under review & no decision has yet been made.
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