How do I update the status of a case in the IDVision Console?

One of the most important sections of integrating to TransUnion is to ensure that accurate TransUnion Case Statuses are sent to us. Status updates allow our system to learn from the previous decisions to further enhance the score accuracy.

Our system learns off the decision you made regarding a TransUnion Case, so these statuses must be accurate and kept up to date.

Once you "Update a Status", you can reflect the outcome of this transaction. If it has been passed as non-fraudulent and the transaction has gone through, you can update it as Completed (or choose any of the other statuses).

To update a status simply click on the transaction to open it where you will see a screen like below.


You can enter a comment for your reference or simply select another status from the drop down menu and press submit as shown below:

After you click submit, you should see a pop up message on the right hand side confirming the update was successful.

Please Note you can only update the status of a case a maximum of 30 times.

If you are not receiving this pop up, please ensure your java-script is turned on. If your java-script is turned on and you cannot update a status please contact the support team here.

Note: To Check if your JavaScript is turned on, navigate to your browser settings. Click on advanced setting and under "Content settings" you will see an option to turn JavaScript on or off.

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